Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Silver lining

A guy spends the night with a 5$ hooker. The next day he wakes up and finds he has crabs. So he goes to the hooker and says, "Hey, you gave me crabs!" And the hooker says, "Well, you only gave me 5$. What did you expect? Lobster?"

This weekend I had lobster. I wasn't too impressed. I can't believe people make such a big deal out of it. I find when I look at lobster it begs the question, who was the first person to decide that a lobster was edible. It kind of looks like a bug. A scorpion to be exact. It has antannae and claws. It's a truly awful looking thing. If I saw one running around for the first time I'd want to step on it, kill it and get rid of the remains as fast as possible.

A co-worker of mine told me that lobster used to be considered a poor persons food, given to prisoners and children. Servants actually complained about having to eat lobster all the time. http://www.gma.org/lobsters/allaboutlobsters/lobsterhistory.html

But now it's considered a delicacy. I must applaud the genius who decided to smother lobster in garlic butter and sell it for 30$ a pound. What does it take to prepare lobster? Nothing. You just dump it in boiling water. Basically what you have is a garlic butter delivery system. It's pretty crazy if you ask me. And pretty brilliant.

I think there's a moral here. It's like, seeing the silver lining in a dark cloud. Making something negative, positive. Lobster is basically a disgusting arthropod that people loathed having to eat. Someone put a value to it and turned it into a huge industry.

Where are the lobsters in your life? What could you do to add value to a negative situation you're in? There are things we take for granted or even look upon as problems. Relationships? Work? Faith? It's time to make lobsters out of those things. Take the problems in your life, boil them in the water of hope and smother them in the garlic butter of potential!!! Turn a 5$ hooker into a million dollar wife. Make your job at the office an opportunity to get some well needed rest. Use an unpleasant coworker as an outlet for your scorn and disgust. Lots of the things we avoid in life are opportunities waiting to happen.

Take your problems and turn them into lobster!